VT307 Three Port Vacuum Solenoid Valve SMC Type High Frequency Valve Direct Acting Bottom Valve With Stable Performance

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Product Description


VYT307 high frequency solenoid valve includes VT307 positive pressure standard model and VT307V negative pressure vacuum model. Due to high frequency, fast speed, high repetition, strong environmental tolerance, the products are widely used in dispensing machine, marking machine, drip molding machine



Model Number

VT307-4G1-01 AC220V, VT307-4G1-02 AC220V, VT307-5G1-01 DC24V, VT307-5G1-02 DC24V, VT307-6G1-01 DC12V, VT307-6G1-02 DC12V, VT307V-4G1-01 AC220V, VT307V-4G1-02 AC220V, VT307V-5G1-01 DC24V, VT307V-5G1-02 DC24V, VT307V-6G1-01 DC12V, VT307V-6G1-02 DC12V

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