SY Series Manifold Base 5Y3 5Y5 5Y7 Aluminum Alloy Material Corrosion-Resistant Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Base With Good Quality

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SY series solenoid valve manifold base is made of high quality aluminum alloy, increase the thickness of the design, has better pressure resistance and durability. The surface of the product is very smooth after fine processing. Can be integrated installation solenoid valve, save space, convenient management.



Weight10000 kg
Model Number

5Y3-2F, 5Y3-3F, 5Y3-4F, 5Y3-5F, 5Y3-6F, 5Y3-7F, 5Y3-8F, 5Y3-9F, 5Y3-10F, 5Y3-11F, 5Y3-12F, 5Y3-13F, 5Y3-14F, 5Y3-15F, 5Y3-16F, 5Y3-17F, 5Y3-18F, 5Y3-19F, 5Y3-20F, 5Y5-2F, 5Y5-3F, 5Y5-4F, 5Y5-5F, 5Y5-6F, 5Y5-7F, 5Y5-8F, 5Y5-9F, 5Y5-10F, 5Y5-11F, 5Y5-12F, 5Y5-13F, 5Y5-14F, 5Y5-15F, 5Y5-16F, 5Y5-17F, 5Y5-18F, 5Y5-19F, 5Y5-20F, 5Y7-2F, 5Y7-3F, 5Y7-4F, 5Y7-5F, 5Y7-6F, 5Y7-7F, 5Y7-8F, 5Y7-9F, 5Y7-10F, 5Y7-11F, 5Y7-12F, 5Y7-13F

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