Stainless steel Ferrule Elbow Reduecer Joint Secure Reliable Upgrade Your Pneumatic System with Corrosion-Resistant

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Product Description


The stainless steel ferrule joint does not require welding and is easy to install, which is conducive to fire prevention, explosion prevention, and high-altitude operations. The main body adopts a thickened design, which is explosion-proof, pressure resistant, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant.

Technical Specification



Clean compressed air, vacuum

Max. working pressure



Pressure range 

Normal working pressure


Working pressure at low pressure


Environment and fluid temperature



Use hose


PU tube, Nylon tube

Model Number

Straight 6-ZG1/8, Straight 6-ZG1/4, Straight 6-ZG3/8, Straight 6-ZG1/2, Straight 8-ZG1/8, Straight 8-ZG1/4, Straight 8-ZG3/8, Straight 8-ZG1/2, Straight 10-ZG1/8, Straight 10-ZG1/4, Straight 10-ZG3/8, Straight 10-ZG1/2, Straight 12-ZG1/8, Straight 12-ZG1/4, Straight 12-ZG3/8, Straight 12-ZG1/2, Straight 14-ZG1/2, Straight 16-ZG1/2, Straight 18-ZG1/2, Elbow 6-ZG1/8, Elbow 6-ZG1/4, Elbow 6-ZG3/8, Elbow 6-ZG1/2, Elbow 8-ZG1/8, Elbow 8-ZG1/4, Elbow 8-ZG3/8, Elbow 8-ZG1/2, Elbow 10-ZG1/8, Elbow 10-ZG1/2, Elbow 10-ZG3/8, Elbow 10-ZG1/4, Elbow 12-ZG1/8, Elbow 12-ZG3/8, Elbow 12-ZG1/4, Elbow 12-ZG1/2, Elbow 14-ZG1/2, Elbow 16-ZG1/2, Elbow 18-ZG1/2, Straight-6mm, Straight-8mm, Straight-10mm, Straight-12mm, Straight-14mm, Straight-16mm, Straight-18mm, Circlip+Snap ring 4mm, Circlip+Snap ring 6mm, Circlip+Snap ring 8mm, Circlip+Snap ring 10mm, Circlip+Snap ring 12mm

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