SS304 Self Lock c Type Rapid Quick Coupler air & water Connectors corrosion resistance High & Low Temperature

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Product Description


Technical Specification
Pressure resistance1.32MPa
Max. working pressure0~0.9MPa
Environment and fluid temperature0~60°C
Applicable hosePU hose
MaterialGalvanized iron




Model Specification

SeriesI.D. of thread (mm)Thread size
SF/ PF seriesSF20/ PF20About 13mm2' slope
SF30/ PF30About 16mm3' slope
SF40/ PF40About 20mm4' slope
SM/ PM seriesSM20/ PM20About 13mm2' slope
SM30/ PM30About 16mm3' slope
SM40/ PM40About 20mm4' slope
 I.D. of inserted tube (mm)
SH/ PH seriesSH20/ PH208~9
SH30/ PH3010~11
SH40/ PH4012~13
 O.D. of inserted tube (mm)I.D. of inserted tube (mm)
SP/ PP seriesSP20/ PP20 85 or 5.5
SP30/ PP30 106.5
SP40/ PP40 128

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm
Model Number

SP+PP-20, SP+PP-30, SP+PP-40, SH+PH-20, SH+PH-30, SH+PH-40, SF+PF-20, SF+PF-30, SF+PF-40, SM+PM-20, SM+PM-30, SM+PM-40, SP-20, SP-30, SP-40, PP-20, PP-30, PP-40, SH-20, SH-30, SH-40, PH-20, PH-30, PH-40, SM-20, SM-30, SM-40, PM-20, PM-30, PM-40, SF-20, SF-30, SF-40, PF-20, PF-30, PF-40

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