SMC Type Solenoid Valve SY3120 SY5120 SY7120 Series Single Double Electronic Pneumatic Electric Control

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Product Description


SMC type SY series solenoid valves have excellent quality. Products with high quality sealing rod, smooth threaded interface, is used to control fluid automation essential components.



Model Number

SY3120-3LZD-M5, SY3120-4LZD-M5, SY3120-5LZD-M5, SY3120-6LZD-M5, SY5120-3LZD-01, SY5120-4LZD-01, SY5120-5LZD-01, SY5120-6LZD-01, SY7120-3LZD-02, SY7120-4LZD-02, SY7120-5LZD-02, SY7120-6LZD-02, SY3220-3LZD-M5, SY3220-4LZD-M5, SY3220-5LZD-M5, SY3220-6LZD-M5, SY5220-3LZD-01, SY5220-4LZD-01, SY5220-5LZD-01, SY5220-6LZD-01, SY7220-3LZD-02, SY7220-4LZD-02, SY7220-5LZD-02, SY7220-6LZD-02, SY3120-5LZD-M5 basic type, SY5120-5LZD-01 basic type

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