PL one touch threaded elbow brass and plastic pipe connector and pneumatic fitting

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Product Description


Model Selection


Technical Specification



Clean compressed air, vacuum

Max. working pressure



Pressure range 

Normal working pressure


Working pressure at low pressure


Environment and fluid temperature



Use hose


PU tube, Nylon tube

PL_01.jpgPL_02.jpgPL_03.jpgPL_04.jpgPL_05.jpgPL_06.jpgPUSH IN FITTING (1).jpgPUSH IN FITTING (2).jpgPUSH IN FITTING (3).jpgPUSH IN FITTING (4).jpgPUSH IN FITTING (5).jpg

Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm
Model Number

PL4-M5, PL4-01, PL4-02, PL4-03, PL6-M5, PL6-01, PL6-02, PL6-03, PL6-04, PL8-01, PL8-02, PL8-03, PL8-04, PL10-01, PL10-02, PL10-03, PL10-04, PL12-01, PL12-02, PL12-03, PL12-04, PL14-02, PL14-03, PL14-04, PL16-02, PL16-03, PL16-04, PL16-06

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