PL Brass Nickel Plated Male Thread Elbow Push In Fitting Secure Reliable Upgrade with Corrosion-Resistant

Plug-in fittings can be used with PA,PU,PE hoses in compressed air circuits to connect cylinders, valves and pneumatic logic components. All brass manufacturing, nickel plating treatment, the use of novel structure of oil, water and corrosion resistant sealing ring, small size, beautiful shape, fast disassembly and assembly, so that the pneumatic system is greatly simplified.

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Product Description


Model Selection

Technical Specification



Clean compressed air, vacuum

Max. working pressure



Pressure range 

Normal working pressure


Working pressure at low pressure


Environment and fluid temperature



Use hose


PU tube, Nylon tube




Model Number

PL4-M5 (10 pieces), PL4-01 (10 pieces), PL4-02 (10 pieces), PL6-M5 (10 pieces), PL6-01 (10 pieces), PL6-02 (10 pieces), PL6-03 (10 pieces), PL6-04 (10 pieces), PL8-01 (10 pieces), PL8-02 (10 pieces), PL8-03 (10 pieces), PL8-04 (10 pieces), PL10-01 (10 pieces), PL10-02 (10 pieces), PL10-03 (10 pieces), PL10-04 (10 pieces), PL12-01 (10 pieces), PL12-02 (10 pieces), PL12-03 (10 pieces), PL12-04 (5 pieces), PL14-02 (5 pieces), PL14-03 (5 pieces), PL14-04 (5 pieces), PL16-02 (5 pieces), PL16-03 (5 pieces), PL16-04 (5 pieces), PL16-06 (5 pieces)

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