High Quality CRB2BW Vane Rotary Air Cylinder Pneumatic SMC Type Aluminum Alloy Rotation Actuator

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Product Description


The CRB2BW blade rotating cylinder has excellent craftsmanship, and the cylinder body is made of aluminum alloy material with a hard oxidation treatment on the surface. The product is integrated into a processing center for more reliable and convenient connection.

Maximum Stroke

Shaft Diameter

Model Number

CRB2BW10-90S, CRB2BW10-180S, CRB2BW10-270S, CRB2BW15-90S, CRB2BW15-180S, CRB2BW15-270S, CRB2BW20-90S, CRB2BW20-180S, CRB2BW20-270S, CRB2BW30-90S, CRB2BW30-180S, CRB2BW30-270S, CRB2BW40-90S, CRB2BW40-180S, CRB2BW40-270S, D-R731, D-R732, CRB2BW10 Magnetic bracket, CRB2BW15 Magnetic bracket, CRB2BW20 Magnetic bracket, CRB2BW30 Magnetic bracket, CRB2BW40 Magnetic bracket, CRB2BW10 Adjustable bracket, CRB2BW15 Adjustable bracket, CRB2BW20 Adjustable bracket, CRB2BW30 Adjustable bracket, CRB2BW40 Adjustable bracket

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