High Quality ASC-FA Flange Type Air Pressure Rotary Cylinder Pneumatic Rotary Clamping Rotation Clamp Cylinder

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Product Description


The ASC-FA series rotary cylinders have strong performance and are equipped with high standard accessories to ensure high-quality operation. The use of hard oxidized cylinder blocks. And provide left rotation and right rotation models for selection.

Maximum Stroke

Shaft Diameter


Model Number

ASC-FA25*90-L, ASC-FA25*90-R, ASC-FA32*90-L, ASC-FA32*90-R, ASC-FA40*90-R, ASC-FA40*90-L, ASC-FA50*90-L, ASC-FA63*90-L, ASC-FA25*90-DL, ASC-FA25*90-DR, ASC-FA32*90-DL, ASC-FA32*90-DR, ASC-FA40*90-DL, ASC-FA40*90-DR, ASC-FA50*90-DL, ASC-FA63*90-DL

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