Enhanced 4V210-08 2-position 5-way Solenoid Valve Single Electronic Aluminum Alloy Material Pneumatic Electric Control

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Product Description


4V series solenoid valve has good quality, using high quality accessories including sufficient copper coil, high frequency pilot head, 6 ring sealing ring, fine threaded hole. Enhanced 4V210 adopts better material with air inlet screen to effectively filter impurities in the air.The product is easy to disassemble, convenient to replace coil, avoid the waste caused by repeated purchase of valve body.



Model Number

Enhanced 4V210-08 AC220V, Enhanced 4V210-08 AC110V, Enhanced 4V210-08 DC24V, Enhanced 4V310-10 AC220V, Enhanced 4V310-10 DC24V, Enhanced 4V410-10 AC220V, Enhanced 4V410-15 DC24V, Enhanced 4V210-08 DC24V *100, Enhanced 4V210-08 AC110V *100, Enhanced 4V210-08 AC220V *100, Enhanced 4V410-15 valve body, Enhanced 4V310-10 valve body, Enhanced 4V210-08 valve body

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