Digital Display Pressure Switch SMC Type High Precision Gas Pressure Sensor Switch Digital Vacuum Negative Pressure Switch

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Product Description


The SMC type digital pressure switch can be set in just three steps, making it stable and durable. The product displays accurately, responds sensitively, and can be displayed in both red and green colors. You can set values to copy to 10 devices. It is a high-quality choice for pneumatic systems.


Model Number

ISE30A-01-N-L, ISE30A-01-P-L, ZSE30AF-01-N-L, ZSE30AF-01-P-L, ZSE30A-01-N-L, ZSE30A-01-P-L, ZS-27-C Panel, ZS-27-D Panel with cover, ZS-38-A1 Bracket, DPSN1-01-020, DPSN1-10-020, DPSP1-01-020, DPSP1-10-020, F-DPSLB Bracket, F-DPSEB Panel with cover, 2M Switching power cord (DPS Series), 2M Switching power cord (ISE/ZSE Series)

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