BUC finger valve Push In Fitting Pneumatic Air Speed Controller Gas Shut-Off Valve

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Product Description



A push-in finger valve for air is a type of finger valve that is designed to be easily installed and removed from a pneumatic system. It typically has a push-in fitting that allows it to be quickly connected to a pneumatic line, without the need for additional tools or fittings.

Push-in finger valves for air are commonly used in applications where a fast and easy connection is required, such as in pneumatic tools and equipment, automated machinery, and HVAC systems. They are designed to regulate the flow of compressed air in a pneumatic system, and can be used to turn the air supply on or off, or to control the flow rate of the air.

When using a push-in finger valve for air, it is important to ensure that the valve is compatible with the type of air being used, and that it is rated for the pressure and temperature of the system. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use, to ensure proper operation and avoid any safety hazards.


Technical Specification



Clean compressed air, vacuum

Max. working pressure



Pressure range 

Normal working pressure


Working pressure at low pressure


Environment and fluid temperature



Use hose


PU tube, Nylon tube


Model Number

BUC-4, BUC-6, BUC-8, BUC-10, BUC-12

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