Airtac type 4V210-08 Integrated Solenoid Valve Set DC24V/AC220V Base With 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 Solenoid Valve Station Base

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Product Description


AIRTAC Model 4V210-08 Solenoid valve bank is suitable for a variety of scenarios, and the voltage can be selected AC220/DC24V, compatible and durable. The solenoid valve is made of aluminum spool with six sealing rings for good air tightness. The product uses sufficient copper coil, easy to disassemble, can disassemble the inner nut by hand, you can replace the coil.



Model Number

DC24V-2position, DC24V-3position, DC24V-4position, DC24V-5position, DC24V-6position, DC24V-7position, DC24V-8position, DC24V-9position, DC24V-10position, AC220V-2position, AC220V-3position, AC220V-4position, AC220V-5position, AC220V-6position, AC220V-7position, AC220V-8position, AC220V-9position, AC220V-10position

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