6mm ~ 19mm Brass Male Straight Barb Fitting for Pneumatic and Plumbing Hose Connector | Laize

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Product Description

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm
Model Number

BT-PC6-01, BT-PC6-02, BT- PC6-03, BT- PC6-04, BT- PC8-01, BT-PC8-02, BT-PC8-03, BT-PC8-04, BT-PC10-01, BT-PC10-02, BT-PC10-03, BT-PC10-04, BT-PC12-01, BT-PC12-02, BT-PC12-03, BT-PC12-04, BT-PC14-02, BT-PC14-03, BT-PC14-04, BT-PC14-06, BT-PC16-03, BT-PC16-04, BT-PC16-06, BT-PC16-1", BT-PC19-04

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