4V230C-08 Three Position Double Electronic Control Closed Center Pneumatic Solenoid Valve DC24V AC110V AC220V Base

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Product Description


4V series solenoid valve has good quality, using high quality accessories including sufficient copper coil, high frequency pilot head, 6 ring sealing ring, fine threaded hole. The product is easy to disassemble, convenient to replace coil, avoid the waste caused by repeated purchase of valve body.


Model Number

4V230C-08 DC24V, 4V230C-08 AC110V, 4V230C-08 AC220V, 4V330C-08 DC24V, 4V330C-08 AC110V, 4V330C-08 AC220V, 4V430C-15 AC220V, 4V430C-15 DC24V, 4V230E-08 DC24V, 4V230E-08 AC220V

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